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June 11 - 17, 2017


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Saturday, June 17

Moose have been active UP North lately.

Watch one dining in a marsh along US141.

From the Archives

Bears, deer and moose across the U.P.

Stretching before lunch

Friday, June 16

Circle-back visit to Powerhouse Falls near L'Anse...
From the Archives

...and Hungarian Falls near Hubbell

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Thursday, June 15

Marquette Harbor, a busy port for Superior Sailors.

Take a look at the life of a Great Lakes Sailor.

From the Archives
Honoring a USN Seaman from Hancock.
Honoring a fallen sailor

Wednesday, June 14

American Flag facts, etiquette and history.
Old Glory flying in the Pasty Cam archives.
Flag Day

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This Day

Tuesday, June 13

Peace and quiet on Isle Royale.

Video below on the Keweenaw side of the link.

from the archives

Today we revisit Lac La Belle,
Mt. Horace Greeley, Isle Royale.

Lac La Belle Marina

Monday, June 12

Road construction in the Keweenaw.
From the Archives
There are five seasons here UP North.

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This Day

Sunday, June 11

On of many historic UP Lighthouses seen by Pasty Cam.

from the archives
About 20 miles west of the Soo.

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